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Paint Correction

Paint Correction and How It Differs from Polishing

Cars are subject to depreciation, which means they get old the moment you drive them out of the dealership. It is only through regular care that you can make them last longer. But you can only do so much to protect your vehicle. There is a limit to what you can and cannot do. The exterior paint, for example, is one thing that you cannot protect. The paint takes a lot of abuse when you are driving your car and even when it is parked. Little pebbles, particles of dust, and most importantly, the sun are all harmful to the paint. You need outside assistance in the form of a paint protection film to keep your car looking as good as new. Most importantly, you need a thorough paint correction to give new life to your car’s old paint.

What Is Paint Correction?

Before we even go into the advantages and disadvantages of getting paint correction, it is necessary to explain the procedure. Paint correction involves the use of various polishes and machine polishers that give new life to worn-out paint. The paint does not show any swirl marks, blemishes, or little scratches once the job is done. You will not see any paint degradation under direct sunlight, which is always a bonus. Paint correction works best when you have an old car that has not gone through a lot of abuse.

The extent that this technology works depends on the condition of your vehicle. The special polish works best when you don’t have a heavily abused car. If your automobile is too far gone, it is better to get a whole new paint job. Why? That’s because paint correction costs a lot, and then you won’t see any drastic results in your vehicle. So, it is better to go the whole way instead of trying to save the old paint.

Installing a thin layer of transparent film on the entire exterior of your car can help a lot. The paint protection sheet does not alter the color of your vehicle, but it sits on top of the original paint. It saves the paint from any damage, including that from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Moreover, you get to safeguard your car from any scratches. In essence, any damage and abuse are absorbed by the paint protection film, and your vehicle remains new underneath. When the film’s life ends, you can remove it and install a new one without thinking twice.

It doesn’t cost a lot. At least not as much as you would spend getting a new paint job. A small investment, in the beginning, can allow you to save money in the long run. If you are complacent in the beginning, you might end up getting a paint correction or a whole new paint job, both of which cost a lot.

Costs of Getting Paint Correction

Paint correction is not cheap and especially if you are getting it for a used car. The process is meticulous and involves a lot of in-depth work. It is not the same as polishing your vehicle with an off-the-shelf product. The type of polishes used in a paint correction is of a high grade. They must be used perfectly for them to be effective.

Sometimes, polishing does not do the trick, and you have to go back to wet sanding the affected area, and removing any blemishes. Once that is done, compound and polish follow. No one job is the same, which is important to understand. One car might be done in a single day and another might take a whole week. The costs for both will also differ but you can expect to pay between $500 to $3000.

A high-end place might cost more, but you will get the best results from there as well. So, do not think about taking the inexpensive route as you will not see the same results you would with a professional job.

Detailing Restoration Your One-Stop-Shop

We at Detailing Restoration take pride in being professionals in the car detailing industry. Our dedicated staff works with the utmost commitment to provide you the best service possible. We start by inspecting your vehicle in detail, where every little blemish, scratch, and swirl is checked. Then, we measure the paint’s thickness using a Paint Thickness Gauge. This helps give an idea of the work we have to put in.

Finally, our shop is well illuminated so every small incorrection can be seen with clarity. You will leave Detailing Restoration a satisfied customer because we never do any job half-heartedly.

What are you waiting for? Make your appointment now and get the best paint correction for your car today.

Professional Auto Detailing Roanoke Texas

Professional Auto Detailing Roanoke Texas

You don’t need an exotic car to turn heads when you can achieve the same effect as a clean one. It’s true when they say that a well-detailed vehicle will always entice others to look. It doesn’t matter if you have a daily-driving sedan because if it is spick and span, you are bound to get a few eyebrow raises. We believe in that philosophy, and so should you, which is why you should get a professional auto detailing in Roanoke, Texas. Our staff at Detailing Restoration works hard every day so you can get the best service every time. We offer a multitude of detailing services, including and not limited to a window tint, ceramic coating, paint protection, headlight restoration, and interior overhaul. Plus, if you are our regular customer, we provide routine maintenance checks, so you get the best of both worlds when you get a professional auto detailing in Roanoke, Texas.


We know it is not easy to trust someone with your vehicle, especially if the job is intimate and involves a previous asset such as your car. That’s why we are here to satisfy any questions you might have regarding our practices.

We might be the new kid on the block, but we are not inexperienced. You can trace our roots back to Atlanta, Georgia, where we had a successful 10-year stint running the business. Detailing Restoration moved its headquarters in search of greener pastures and ended up in the beautiful city of Roanoke, Texas. A professional auto detailing shop in Roanoke Texas was desperately needed, and we came to answer your call.

Current Status

We moved with our professional staff to Roanoke, Texas, not so long ago, and our business is currently in full swing. It is an honor to serve the people of Texas and provide them with the most professional detailing job they will ever come across. Detailing Restoration believes in providing quality service to our clients. Therefore, before we begin with your vehicle, you will get an in-depth briefing. We take you to step by step through the procedure, so there are no grey areas. We want you to trust us with your car. For those who can’t, we have a cushion in place in the form of insurance. Your vehicle is covered against any damages if anything ever goes wrong.

Furthermore, we’re licensed with the relevant authorities. You can check the details on our website or visit our premises to learn more about this.

Future Plans

Detailing Restoration is a brand built on a dream. We’d like to turn that dream into a reality by becoming your go-to place for professional auto detailing. There is no better feeling in this world to see a satisfied client, and we strive to achieve that. A successful venture as a professional auto detailing shop in Roanoke Texas will take our hopes to new heights. Our goal is to become the most sought-after high-end detailing shop. The road is long and hard, but we can get there with your trust and your help.

In the short time we were in Atlanta, Detailing Restoration grew to incredible proportions. The pandemic halted proceedings but now that the virus is slowing down and the businesses have started to open up, we’re hoping for the best.

Once everything is running smoothly, we would like to expand to a larger shop. Perhaps buy our land and premises and build a dream shop from scratch.


Our services are unparalleled because with only the best equipment and the most exquisite materials. Detailing Restoration is a high-end shop, so you can always expect our services to be of the highest quality. We have the professional lighting, equipment, and staff to cater to your every need. The products we use are renowned in the market, but what’s more important is how we expertly use them to get the best results.

Moreover, if you opt for one of our high-end services, we offer a free Uber ride home. How’s that for customer service!

You can book a service online on our website and get a quote for the service. If emails are your deal, then should do the trick. And if you are more interested in a one-on-one interaction, then you can call or text us at 817-330-4413 to set up a meeting.

We will be looking forward to your call!




Automatic Car Wash

Can Automatic Car Wash damage My paint Roanoke TX

An Automatic Car Wash may damage your paint


Just one quick drive through an Automatic Car Wash and your vehicle will look like it just came from a 24-hour rally through the desert. Keeping your car clean isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do these days. With all the grime, muck, and dirt on the roads today, especially in wintertime. Most people tend to not bother with it at all at the end of the day. They end up annihilating their vehicle’s paint finish. So, stuff like a hazy clear coat, oxidized paintwork, primer deep scratches, and overall a dull and swirl mark infested paint finish is a common sight on the roads these days.

The Automatic Car Wash

You might be thinking to yourself, an easy and cheap solution to this is an automatic car wash. You just drive to your nearest one. Pay a fraction of what it would cost to get all the products and clean it yourself at home. Then drive off with a spotless car in a matter of minutes. The sad reality is that automatic car washes do the exact opposite of that. They might look like they’ve gotten a bid of mud and grime off the vehicle. Though they have probably done. Hundreds if not potentially thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Automatic Car Wash

Automatic Car Wash

Those Damn Brushes

The gigantic paintbrushes are the biggest culprit within these automated paint marring machines. They are very stiff and hard, to begin with. Plus, your paint is more delicate than you might think. Just leaning on it the wrong way can induce micro-scratches. So, taking a gigantic, hard, and abrasive brush is only going to introduce a plethora of scratches, swirls marks, and all other various sorts of atrocities to your precious paintwork. These brushes are not exactly cleaned after every wash. So, there’s dirt and debris clung into the fibers from the previous wash. any dirt that’s being rubbed into the bodywork is like someone attacking it with sandpaper. Shampoos and solutions that contain corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid have been known to be a common sight in automatic car washes. So, the chemicals are quite literally eating their way through the precious clear coat.

Hand Car Washes

There are a few Hand Car Washes that provide great quality, but the majority of them are about production and not quality. They wash probably dozens if not over a hundred cars each single day. When there’s a time crunch. People will generally not care if they drop the towel on the ground. They then begin rubbing those minute particles of dirt into the luscious shine of your brand-new car. The drying process of the car is never through in an automatic car wash. So, there’s still water left on the vehicle by the time your back on the road.

Thanks to the heat of the sun they can cause horrendous watermarks known as waterspots, that can be a real pain to remove. So, at the end of the day. If you factor in the money you save by using an automatic car wash. Against the amount of damage, you cause to your vehicle’s paint finish. You inevitably end up drastically decreasing its resale value. Though if you are a victim of the automatic car wash saga. Then don’t worry, there’s still hope. A professional paint correction from a reputable facility such as Detailing Restoration. Will transform your dull and faded paintwork back into factory-fresh condition.

Roanoke Paint Correction

Paint correction can be more described as the process of restoring your paintwork back to its original showroom floor condition. Despite what people may think, is a profession hard to master to properly washing, detailing, and maintaining a vehicle’s paintwork. Having the right equipment, products, and knowledge of the proper techniques to do this, isn’t something everyone has the time or budget for.

This is why facilities such as Detailing Restoration exist to go the extra mile, and beyond to deliver the last work in paint correction. There are numerous levels of paint corrections available to suit your vehicle’s paint finish, and budget. Starting out with a thorough detailed wash, chemical decontamination of the vehicle using only the highest quality of applicators, solutions, and equipment. This is carried by skilled technicians who are experienced and knowledgeable enough to ensure not a single micro scratch ever makes its way to the painted surface of your vehicle.

If you like to read more on Paint Correction, please check out this article at “Roanoke Paint Correction.” Feel free to stop by our shop here at 11975 Cleveland Gibss Rd #100 Roanoke, TX 76262, or feel free to give us a call at (817) 330-4413.

The Details

An unimaginable level of attention to detail is put into every stage of the process, every panel is thoroughly examined to make sure even the smallest contamination is removed. In the most unsuspecting of places is properly cleaned, detailed, and protected. Process such as clay baring and compound polishing ensures every single scratch, swirl mark, and oxidized layer of paint are removed to reveal a fresh and pristine layer of clear coat underneath. You can go the extra mile and opt to get your paint protected. You would be adding an extra durable layer of protection to your paint. Your vehicle will be adequately protected against any foreign containment and abrasive surface or particles that come in contact with your vehicle.


Paint correction, and protection applications are more expensive than your traditional car wash but on the long run is cheaper. Since your paintwork will still look factory fresh by the time you come to sell it. So, you’ll end up getting your money back and well more on top of that. If you enjoyed this article, you may want to read on Roanoke Ceramic Coating, and how it can help maintain your car.


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