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Detailing Restoration Opens Shop in Roanoke Texas

Detailing Restoration Opens

Shop in Roanoke, Texas.


Detailing Restoration, was created after many years of training and work experience. We stay up to date to the new technology available to enhance better your vehicle. Our business model is to provide the best high-end services to high-end clients that are available in Texas. We are extremely happy to call Roanoke, Texas our permanent home. There’s a big demand for our services. We are excited for this long journey to show what Detailing Restoration can bring to the Texan community. March 13, 2021 is when we plan to open shop to provide high-end Auto Detailing services, and other enhancements services such as.

  • Paint Correction
  • Window Film Installs
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Windshield Protection Film
  • Vinyl Wrap
  • Ceramic Coatings

Our goal is to Restore, Protect, and Maintain your vehicle.


Paint Correction requires several steps, our free pre inspection procedure we get a better understanding of your vehicle paint condition. We use a Paint Thickness Gauge (PTG) to get several readings across your vehicle, to see how much clear coat we have left to work with. We will come up with a polishing procedure with pads, and products to use, to achieve the best Paint Correction possible.


Ceramic Coating is a wonderful product to add on to your vehicle, to make the maintenance easier. There are many coatings to choose from, we chose the ones that are up to our standards, and best to offer to our clients. The products we use in correlation with our services at Detailing Restoration, goes through several tests before we commit to a brand. We offer 2 warranty options, 2 years and 5 years. We offer a Maintenance program to properly maintain your vehicle, and preserve the Ceramic Coating warranty. If you invest in a good Ceramic Coating, it makes sense to also invest, and commit to our Maintenance program that can be modified to your specific needs all year long.


Our professional car restoration knowledge offers the best

results in Roanoke, Texas to meet your satisfaction.


Our Window Film service gets us very excited to be offering a new product in the Window Film industry. We will carry a Graphene Window Film line, along with our 2 additional lines which are Carbon and Ceramic. You can read more about why we partner with Stek Automotive. Our Window Film service comes with lifetime warranty and our in-house “No-Fault Warranty” up to one window to be reinstalled at no charge. Sometimes accidents happen if you accidently damage your new Window Film, we would be more than happy to take care of you under our “No-Fault Warranty.”


Detailing Restoration is a one stop shop for all your Automotive enhancement needs. We do not outsource our jobs; we do not have a middleman, everything is done in house. We are licensed, professionally trained and insured to offer you the best service and experience as possible.


We want to provide you with the best

Detailing Restoration experience possible.