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Paint Correction and How It Differs from Polishing

Cars are subject to depreciation, which means they get old the moment you drive them out of the dealership. It is only through regular care that you can make them last longer. But you can only do so much to protect your vehicle. There is a limit to what you can and cannot do. The exterior paint, for example, is one thing that you cannot protect. The paint takes a lot of abuse when you are driving your car and even when it is parked. Little pebbles, particles of dust, and most importantly, the sun are all harmful to the paint. You need outside assistance in the form of a paint protection film to keep your car looking as good as new. Most importantly, you need a thorough paint correction to give new life to your car’s old paint.

What Is Paint Correction?

Before we even go into the advantages and disadvantages of getting paint correction, it is necessary to explain the procedure. Paint correction involves the use of various polishes and machine polishers that give new life to worn-out paint. The paint does not show any swirl marks, blemishes, or little scratches once the job is done. You will not see any paint degradation under direct sunlight, which is always a bonus. Paint correction works best when you have an old car that has not gone through a lot of abuse.

The extent that this technology works depends on the condition of your vehicle. The special polish works best when you don’t have a heavily abused car. If your automobile is too far gone, it is better to get a whole new paint job. Why? That’s because paint correction costs a lot, and then you won’t see any drastic results in your vehicle. So, it is better to go the whole way instead of trying to save the old paint.

Installing a thin layer of transparent film on the entire exterior of your car can help a lot. The paint protection sheet does not alter the color of your vehicle, but it sits on top of the original paint. It saves the paint from any damage, including that from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Moreover, you get to safeguard your car from any scratches. In essence, any damage and abuse are absorbed by the paint protection film, and your vehicle remains new underneath. When the film’s life ends, you can remove it and install a new one without thinking twice.

It doesn’t cost a lot. At least not as much as you would spend getting a new paint job. A small investment, in the beginning, can allow you to save money in the long run. If you are complacent in the beginning, you might end up getting a paint correction or a whole new paint job, both of which cost a lot.

Costs of Getting Paint Correction

Paint correction is not cheap and especially if you are getting it for a used car. The process is meticulous and involves a lot of in-depth work. It is not the same as polishing your vehicle with an off-the-shelf product. The type of polishes used in a paint correction is of a high grade. They must be used perfectly for them to be effective.

Sometimes, polishing does not do the trick, and you have to go back to wet sanding the affected area, and removing any blemishes. Once that is done, compound and polish follow. No one job is the same, which is important to understand. One car might be done in a single day and another might take a whole week. The costs for both will also differ but you can expect to pay between $500 to $3000.

A high-end place might cost more, but you will get the best results from there as well. So, do not think about taking the inexpensive route as you will not see the same results you would with a professional job.

Detailing Restoration Your One-Stop-Shop

We at Detailing Restoration take pride in being professionals in the car detailing industry. Our dedicated staff works with the utmost commitment to provide you the best service possible. We start by inspecting your vehicle in detail, where every little blemish, scratch, and swirl is checked. Then, we measure the paint’s thickness using a Paint Thickness Gauge. This helps give an idea of the work we have to put in.

Finally, our shop is well illuminated so every small incorrection can be seen with clarity. You will leave Detailing Restoration a satisfied customer because we never do any job half-heartedly.

What are you waiting for? Make your appointment now and get the best paint correction for your car today.

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