Professional Auto Detailing Roanoke Texas

Professional Auto Detailing Roanoke Texas

You don’t need an exotic car to turn heads when you can achieve the same effect as a clean one. It’s true when they say that a well-detailed vehicle will always entice others to look. It doesn’t matter if you have a daily-driving sedan because if it is spick and span, you are bound to get a few eyebrow raises. We believe in that philosophy, and so should you, which is why you should get a professional auto detailing in Roanoke, Texas. Our staff at Detailing Restoration works hard every day so you can get the best service every time. We offer a multitude of detailing services, including and not limited to a window tint, ceramic coating, paint protection, headlight restoration, and interior overhaul. Plus, if you are our regular customer, we provide routine maintenance checks, so you get the best of both worlds when you get a professional auto detailing in Roanoke, Texas.


We know it is not easy to trust someone with your vehicle, especially if the job is intimate and involves a previous asset such as your car. That’s why we are here to satisfy any questions you might have regarding our practices.

We might be the new kid on the block, but we are not inexperienced. You can trace our roots back to Atlanta, Georgia, where we had a successful 10-year stint running the business. Detailing Restoration moved its headquarters in search of greener pastures and ended up in the beautiful city of Roanoke, Texas. A professional auto detailing shop in Roanoke Texas was desperately needed, and we came to answer your call.

Current Status

We moved with our professional staff to Roanoke, Texas, not so long ago, and our business is currently in full swing. It is an honor to serve the people of Texas and provide them with the most professional detailing job they will ever come across. Detailing Restoration believes in providing quality service to our clients. Therefore, before we begin with your vehicle, you will get an in-depth briefing. We take you to step by step through the procedure, so there are no grey areas. We want you to trust us with your car. For those who can’t, we have a cushion in place in the form of insurance. Your vehicle is covered against any damages if anything ever goes wrong.

Furthermore, we’re licensed with the relevant authorities. You can check the details on our website or visit our premises to learn more about this.

Future Plans

Detailing Restoration is a brand built on a dream. We’d like to turn that dream into a reality by becoming your go-to place for professional auto detailing. There is no better feeling in this world to see a satisfied client, and we strive to achieve that. A successful venture as a professional auto detailing shop in Roanoke Texas will take our hopes to new heights. Our goal is to become the most sought-after high-end detailing shop. The road is long and hard, but we can get there with your trust and your help.

In the short time we were in Atlanta, Detailing Restoration grew to incredible proportions. The pandemic halted proceedings but now that the virus is slowing down and the businesses have started to open up, we’re hoping for the best.

Once everything is running smoothly, we would like to expand to a larger shop. Perhaps buy our land and premises and build a dream shop from scratch.


Our services are unparalleled because with only the best equipment and the most exquisite materials. Detailing Restoration is a high-end shop, so you can always expect our services to be of the highest quality. We have the professional lighting, equipment, and staff to cater to your every need. The products we use are renowned in the market, but what’s more important is how we expertly use them to get the best results.

Moreover, if you opt for one of our high-end services, we offer a free Uber ride home. How’s that for customer service!

You can book a service online on our website and get a quote for the service. If emails are your deal, then should do the trick. And if you are more interested in a one-on-one interaction, then you can call or text us at 817-330-4413 to set up a meeting.

We will be looking forward to your call!




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