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Improve your driving experience on the roads of Texas - Window Tinting Roanoke TX

Detailing Restoration offers Automotive Window Film installs, come to our shop at Roanoke, Texas to provide you with the best experience possible for quality window tinting of cars.

Window Tinting Film

Enjoy a cooler interior, reduce glare, and experience a better heat rejection.

Carbon film gives you more privacy, but Ceramic gives you better heat rejection. 

Automotive Window Films in Roanoke TX

You love more privacy in your car?

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Window Tinting Car Interior Detailinng in Roanoke Tx

Automotive Window Films


Don’t wait for the summer and prepared ahead for that Texas scorching heat from destroying your interior, and the unpleasant feeling when it blinds your eyesight.

Ceramic Film for window tinting for both privacy and more heat rejection

• Color retention and performance
• Heat Reduction
• UV Protection
• Increase clarity and reduce glare
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are certified Window Film installers and offer the best high-end Window film possible. We stand behind our Stek Automotive Window Film, and its great warranty you can’t go wrong with but also highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Window Tinting Services in Roanoke, TX

Our film lines have Lifetime Warranty from fading or turning purple

Detailing Restoration, Roanoke TX

We are a one stop shop in Roanoke, Texas for all your Automotive Detailing and Restoration needs. Our services are not outsourced and everything is done in house by professionals. We are licensed, professionally trained and insured to offer you the best service and experience as possible. Detailing Restoration has an enclosed shop to provide you the best install possible with minimal contamination. Window film installation services also include an in-house no-fault warranty up to one window to be reinstalled at no charge. It is our belief that sometimes accidents happen, and you may damage your new Window Film accidently, so we will be more than happy to take care of you to fix damaged window films.

You are still not convinced?

Come to our shop and feel the difference with our heat lamp display.

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