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Car Detailing & Restoration Services

We are a family-owned enterprise that is in Roanoke, Texas. Servicing the Greater Roanoke, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas area with a wide variety of Auto Detailing Services. We put our passion into our work and help to offer services ranging from Interior Detailing, Headlights Restoration, Paint Correction, and Window Film Installation.

We take pride in the quality of our work and provide unique services such as Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (commonly called Clear Bra). Having your car detailed on a consistent basis helps to prolong its use and keep it in a better operating condition.



Ceramic Coating

A great option to help provide additional protection to the outside of your car. It is a much more durable alternative to putting wax on your car since ceramic coating provides additional protection from the environment and UV rays.

Wax simply sits on top of the paint and only lasts a few weeks. When it comes to ceramic coating, it can last for several years. When you come into our shop for options, we offer two options, one with protection for two years, and the other option with protection up to five years.

We also check your car to see if it's ready to have a ceramic coating applied, by inspecting your paint to see if you need a paint correction as well. Once applied, your car will be better insulated on the inside, and look fantastic on the outside, as the ceramic coating is transparent and provides a nice shine and gloss to your car.

We will also help show you how to properly maintain the Ceramic Coating to preserve the warranty, and not have you coming back too soon. Also – remember that after we apply it you need to give it about 7 days for it to be fully applied, so do not wash your car until that week passes.

Paint Correction Services

There's no need to consider having to repaint your entire car if the paint seems uneven or looks like it may have swirled in some places. This can happen over time, or through harsh automated car washes that can warp the paint in a certain way.

We recommend coming in for a Paint Correction Service where we can help restore those areas where the paint starts to look dull or inconsistent. This can also help remove some types of scratches and watermarks that have occurred over time.

It's important to consider getting a paint correction over a generic applicator because those applicators are only covering up the problem. When we do a paint correction, we may end up using a multi-stage polishing process, depending on how serious the damage is, to ensure that your paint job and car look fantastic again. Come in today since we offer a free paint inspection evaluation.

This will help us review how much paint correction needs to be done and help us provide you with a more accurate quote. For those that want to have a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing car, always consider a periodic paint correction. We ensure that it's done correctly and can end up lasting quite a long time.


Automotive Window Films

Window Films are a great option that can help block out harmful UV rays and help with insulation and temperature control for the passengers inside. There are a few different options when it comes to Automotive Window Film material.

At Detailing Restoration, we only offer the best options available on the market. Our first option is Carbon Film, which is a tried-and-true material option for your window tinting needs. We feel this is the minimum selection that we are comfortable using to provide a high level of service.

For those that want the best option and latest technology out there, we also offer Ceramic Window Films that offer the best UV protection and health rejection on the market. Ceramic Window Films and Carbon Window Films are also a lot more cell signal friendly, with little to no blockage, as some other window films might cause blockage.

All our film installations come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to help provide peace of mind when investing in your car in this manner.

Routine Maintenance

For our regular clients, we offer a consistent routine maintenance service that will keep your car looking good as new for the life of the car in some cases. This is especially useful to the clients that have received a Ceramic Coating service from us.

Not only do we help guide and instruct you on the maintenance of it, but during these routine maintenances, we can do a quick and free check to ensure that everything is looking great. We recommend for you to come to us on a fixed schedule, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the usage of your car, and we work to give it a professional detailing service that covers both Exterior and Interior Cleaning.

This is a great idea for those that respect their cars beyond just a tool to get from point A to point B and want to ensure that they keep them well maintained, clean and free from the debris that nature throws upon them.

A routine maintenance service can help save a lot of money in the future, by allowing us to spot check periodically if there are any possibilities of a major issue rising and handling it before having to go through a more expensive maintenance service.



Our goal is to Restore, Protect, and Maintain your vehicle.

As a family-run business, we like to treat every client and their car as part of our extended family. For us, that means we work tirelessly on your car, with our full list of services to ensure you leave happy and come back as often as is needed.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating adds additional, and better protection to your car’s exterior than your traditional wax application. It also adds the ease of cleaning and maintaining your car’s exterior. We offer 2 options, 2 year of protection, and 5 years. It is highly recommended to have your paint inspected and evaluated to see if a paint correction is needed prior applying Ceramic Coating, is also recommended you do a proper maintenance to preserve the Ceramic Coating warranty.

Paint Correction Services

Paint Correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paint surface imperfections of your vehicle such as, buffer trails, haziness, dull look. swirls marks, and fine scratches. We also provide a free paint inspection evaluation, in order to give you a better quote.

Automotive Window Films

Here at Detailing Restoration we offer 2 different lines of Automotive Window Films, which are Carbon Film, and Ceramic Film. Our Carbon Window Films provides privacy, and style, but our Ceramic Window Films offers significant heat rejection or UV protection properties. We also offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on our films.

Interior Detailing Services

We offer shampoo services for your cloth seats, and carpet. We can also offer fabric protection, to preserve your interior as much as possible. For leather seats we have specific products to clean and recondition your leather. We also use a steamer to clean and disinfect your interior.

Maintenance Service

We offer this service to our regular clients, and if you recently received a Ceramic Coating service from us. This service can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month. This service consists of Exterior, and Interior cleaning.


Our goal is to Restore, Protect, and Maintain your vehicle.

Our professional car restoration knowledge offers the best in town skills to meet your satisfaction. Headlights restoration, paint correction, ceramic coating service, and all other internal detailing services are done with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We focus on quality, honesty, and making sure we get repeated business.
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